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Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
– Active Substance: Stanozolol
Presentation: 100 tabs
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

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Buy Winstrol Online is in the good books of bodybuilders because of the amazing benefits it can offer. If you are looking for a steroid that does not make you lose the muscles that you have built with hard work, this one’s it. Buy Winstrol Online


It is ideal to use during the cutting cycle. It preserves your muscles and gets rid of all the extra fat like a boss. Winstrol was first developed by the Winthrop lab in the 1950s. It was designed for therapeutic purposes but it is no longer available on the market. You can buy Winstrol online by Dragon Pharma in the best quality online from Teamroids and get started with your cutting goals.

Even though Winstrol is not a bulking steroid, you might still gain between 5 to 10 pounds. It will help you achieve leaner figures and hard and dry muscles. It will also improve your appearance by giving you muscle vascularity. You will not regret including it in your steroid cycle. Just make sure you administer the right dosage so that you can enjoy the benefits.


The dosage for Winstrol must be kept between 50 to 100 mg. Do not exceed the dosage to see more results because steroids don’t work that way. You have to follow a proper diet as well otherwise, the drug will not reach its potential.

Some of the side effects of taking this steroid include insomnia, aggression, acne, etc. But don’t worry, they will subside. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about estrogenic side effects like gyno or water retention.

Adverse effects

Joint pains may appear, blood pressure or cholesterol level may increase, and problems with liver function are also possible. And this is only if you take this drug with an excess of the permissible dosage! If this is not broken, there are no adverse symptoms. It is recommended to include hepatoprotectors during the cycle.

How to take Winstrol ( Buy Winstrol online )

Take this steroid as prescribed by your doctor. If you don’t understand this information, you can consult your doctor. Usually, there are no restrictions on eating certain food or drinking beverages unless your doctor directs them. Following are the patterns that should be followed.

  • It must be taken intravenously. Thus, it must be taken on an empty stomach, so absorption problem does not occur.
  • The usual adult dose at the initial stage is 2mg per day (three times)
  • Decrease this dose at the end of three months and take 2mg per day instead of taking it three times.

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