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Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
– Active Substance: Testosterone Suspension
– Concentration: mg/mL
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma


Buy Trennolone Online

Buy Trenbolone online by Dragon Pharma is one of the highly popular anabolic steroids. It has the ability to promote nitrogen balance and protein synthesis. As fewer injections are required per week, it does not mess with the blood pressure. Buy Trenbolone Online

How does it work?

Along with seeing an increase in muscle mass, you will also experience more strength. With proper diet and exercise, you will see better results.

Trenbolone 200 has great anabolic and androgenic properties. It’s great for men who want to build muscle mass but it’s not recommended for females because of the masculizing side effects. However, when it’s taken with other anabolic steroids, it is safe for women to consume.

When a diet high in protein and calories is taken during the cycle, Trenbolone 200 melts away the fats and helps build lean muscles. In a cycle of 8 weeks, your muscle mass can increase up to 10kg.


Do not exceed the dosage of Trenbolone from 50 mg to 300 mg per day. Make sure the cycle duration is no more than 4 weeks.

This steroid can disrupt testosterone production. It is recommended to start taking a testosterone booster before the start of the cycle and continue taking it for 3 to 4 weeks. To improve its effectiveness, you can take supplements and a good diet to improve muscle mass.

When you buy Trenbolone 200 by Dragon Pharma online and start consuming it, make sure you follow the recommended dosage to avoid side effects such as high blood pressure, insomnia, acne, etc.

The Direction of Use:

It is recommended that you rub the vial between your hands before injecting the steroids to warm the steroid content. Because this injection is given intramuscularly, the best areas for injection are the upper thigh, shoulder, or gluteal region. Buy Trenbolone online only after consulting with your doctor because it is a prescription substance. This injection must not be injected twice in the same area. Muscle flexing makes it difficult for the needle to pass through the muscle and must be avoided.

Side Effects Of Trenbolone:

Trenbolone has the following side effects:

  •         nausea,
  •         headache
  •         vomiting
  •         changes in skin color
  •         oily skin
  •         increased/decreased sexual interest
  •         acne might occur
  •        It is possible that the injection site will be swollen and painful

Don’t use or buy Trenbolone online If these effects worsen or persist, you must tell your physician or pharmacist immediately.

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